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 Well school is pretty ridiculous.

Im tired of everything!

Im just going to vent my problems here....(even if they don't make sense)

-Back tire of bike is bent (useless bike)
-My car is without oil pan (useless car)
-I have to play stupid "Soldier's Tale" by Stravinsky tomorrow and I haven't practiced it.
-I just finished a 12 page paper, to find out another 2 (TWO) more are due by next friday.
-I have to pay rent by the tenth and I have no money....really.
-I have 2 orchestra concerts next week
-Finals week begin next week
-I have no food in my fridge or house.....
-I haven't even begun practicing music for my recital
-I have to sign up for classes for next quarter

I'm so tired of always being in a hurry. I've honestly never felt this tired in my life. Every time I enter my room, my bed looks so enticing....I just want to sleep for like 2 days and wake up fully rested with everything better.

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