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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
5:53 am
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  • Tue, 23:47: @chimneycoffee seriously, your Vietnamese Iced Coffee is fantastic. perfect balance of sweet with the correct amount of coffee.
Friday, June 17th, 2011
5:31 am
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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
5:31 am
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Sunday, June 5th, 2011
5:30 am
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Monday, January 3rd, 2011
5:24 am
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  • Mon, 02:53: In the middle of a city called Mojave with crazy amounts of snow
Saturday, January 1st, 2011
5:09 am
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  • Fri, 20:23: I'm amazed at how dramatically cheaper it is to live in Sacramento as compared to anywhere in the Bay Area
Thursday, December 30th, 2010
5:09 am
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  • Thu, 04:21: Just found out Bengie Molina (Texas Catcher) was proud Giants won World Series as opposed to Rangers. :)
Sunday, December 26th, 2010
5:08 am
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  • Sat, 20:56: SF Giants World Series "Torture to Rapture" Games on Blu-Ray. Best. Gift. Ever.
  • Sun, 06:02: Pozole: Round 3 :)
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
5:24 am
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  • Wed, 02:05: Tip for poor college students: picking up cans (beer cans from parties) is an easy way to make money. Made an easy $27 bucks today.
Monday, December 20th, 2010
5:16 am
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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
5:04 am
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Friday, November 5th, 2010
11:23 pm
Math + SF Giants + Music
 Math sucks. 

I'm the anomaly to the old adage (well, at least I've heard of it a lot) " Musicians make good mathematicians." Bull.
Up to this point in my college life I haven't really failed any class. I knew that if I tried, I would pass. This class changes everything. Statistics 10A. The math itself isn't really that hard, basic algebra stuff. However, thinking about Stats and the wording confuses the heck out of me. I take a total of 5 test this whole quarter, they drop the 2 lowest scores. I'm on test 3 and I have failed 2 test. No more leeway, I have to win every test after this. I feel like the Texas Rangers in the World Series, I need to win every upcoming battle to win the prize (we all know how that ended up....)

Speaking of baseball. SF Giants. Wow. 
What happened!? By all means, you're doing a perfect job, but what happened to my 2007 team of failures (I'm sorry but that's what you were.) In just 3 years you go from one of the worst teams in the worst leagues to winning baseball's highest honor. I'm truly inspired. I love you guys even more.

I remember when I first started watching baseball. I watched Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley Field. 12 innings of boredom followed by a 1 run win by the Reds. I came back to SF Bay thinking, I wonder how the SF Giants baseball team is like. I watched one game and remembered getting excited. Watched another game and then another. From there it was history. My first Giants baseball game was almost a year after the Cubs/Reds game.There I was wearing a gray sweater, a giants shirt I bought on my way to the park and a black hat with a small SF logo to the side. In fact, my profile pick. Just look up at that. We won that day. 

I then began reading history and the one line that almost hurt, "San Francisco Giants Baseball is 'cursed' and has the third longest drought in baseball history." (first place being Chicago Cubs) Oh well, that didn't stop me. 

2007 season ended in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. We also won but we were almost dead last in the league. There I was sitting in the stadium of Dodger blue the only orange and black person within a 10sq. mile radius. I got my first hand experience at the Dodge/Giant hatred. 

And yes, I did get an emergency flight to SF to see the Giants parade in person.

Anyway, SF Giants. Thank you for making 2010 a memorable year. I love you guys. Buster Posey your my man crush. Cody Ross, you're a baller. Pablo Sandoval.....loose some weight. 


Ahh music. The art of making a bundle of wood and steel sound beautiful using your bad breath and lungs. I decided I want to work in education. I had an awesome job over summer that solidified this fact. It didn't feel like a job, I loved getting up in the morning to do what I was doing. I felt like I worked behind the scene of (hopefully) children's succes. Anywho, I would love to teach music, maybe bassoon? Right now my goals in my near future: practice my ass off so I could maybe, hopefully, god-willing get into San Francisco Conservatory. Stephen Paulson, principal bassoonist in the SF symphony and professor at SF conservatory, if you're reading this. I'm your man. Anywho, I'd also like to teach music to younger kids or work somewhere in education.

Stats: you suck.
SF Giants: fan for life and thereafter
Music/Education: don't let me down. 

Current Mood: content
Sunday, July 25th, 2010
5:14 pm
Stupid UC System + Male Empowerment?
Maybe, JUST maybe its me, but lately it seems like there are tons of groups dedicated to woman empowerment and especially latina empowerment. This is cool and I have no problem with it (believe me, I support latinas ;D) but what about male empowerment? Or latino (male) empowerment?

Before I get started on my rant, lemme give you a little background:

Tuesday nights from 7pm-10pm I have class that meets only once a week. In other words, to drop this class you better be there at 7pm on tuesday or else you're out of luck. Well I showed up one tuesday to drop the class and of course the professor decided to be sick. No worries, right? just wait till next week?


The deadline was that friday for any schedule changes, I needed his signature ASAP even though I wouldn't see him till the following week. Ok, so begins my adventures with the stupid bureaucracies of the UC system. I go to the head of the Political Science Department and talk to Dr. Pratacca (Prattaca?) BIG MISTAKE, he thought I was just another student slacking off and dropping the class because I failed the midterm. He goes on and on about how I had 3 weeks to drop the class. I remind him that I still have one more week until the deadline and it's really not my fault the professor was sick. I did my part to follow the rules and was on time. This just ticks him off even more. It did not end well and he didn't give me a signature. Rude, right?

Ok, no problem. If he won't help me then I'll go to the head of the Social Science Department and have Dr. Ceraseres sign my add/drop card. Walk across the freakin campus (should've taken the shuttle) and go up 4 floors just to read a sign that says "Dr. Ceraseres on Sabbatical this quarter. Researching in Mexico."


WHAT?! Ok, relax. relax. I'll go talk to the vice-head or whoever is in command after Ceraseres is gone. Her name was Nancy something (I know, kinda rude I forgot her name. But realize that at this point I was getting angry.) Walk across the halway and knock on Nancy's door.

-Hi, is Nancy here? I need her to sign an add/drop card because my professor is gone and Dr. Petracca won't sign it.
-I'm sorry, Nancy is out this week.
-What? will she be here on friday or be back before the deadline to change schedules?
-No, sorry.


I sit down outside. Start thinking, what can I do? what can I do? I remember that I know the Dean of Undergraduate Education very well. Dr. Salinger play bassoon in the orchestra with me and we have gotten to know each other fairly well (she even says I can call her Sharon, instead of Dr. Salinger) I go to her office and tell her about my issue.

As I'm waiting there for Dr. Salinger, the receptionist and her friend (both latino) begin to strike up a conversation with me.

-What do you need Dr. Salinger for?
-(I explain the whole story and my run-around)
-Wow, thats pretty crazy. I'm sure Dr. Salinger will help you out though.
-yeah, I hope so.
-Hey, can you fill out a survery for me and Pablo (I'm calling her friend Pablo, but could be Pedro. I also forgot his name, but I know it was spanish and started with a P)
-Sorry, I really don't have time. I just need Sharon to sign this card for me so I can get going to class. I'm already late from running around
-Well, you can take the survey with you. We really need your feedback, theren't many like you left?
-Like me? What are you guys talking about, both of you are latino. I know there aren't many latinos here but there are certainly enough for you to get feedback from others.
-Yeah, but MALE latinos is what we need. We are doing UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program) on latino males in college. Most latinos that end up in college are female. In fact, most other latinos we've seen around were recruited here for the soccer team.
-Really?! (thought about this. Never crossed my mind before) Well, now that you mention it. I used to live in Casa Cesar Chavez and out of the 36 latinos, only about 10 were male. Wow, ok.
-Yeah, your like a double minority. Pablo and I only have about 60 responses so far and we are trying to find more. We didn't think it would be this hard.

I take the survery before I go see Dr. Salinger. Thank them for the little info and go about my way.

This made me think.

If what they said is true: latino males (minority males, in general) go to college substantialy less than women. Why aren't there any Latino Male Empowerment seminars or help groups? I began to google search the keywords ad came up empty handed. I google searched latina seminars and there were TONS (and I mean TONS) of self-helf groups, support groups, grants, scholarships. I thought to myself, if latino males need more help then why aren't there as many seminars to help the men as there are for women? I then broaden my search and take out the word "latino" and "latina."

The trend was similar: tons of results for female empowerment and not that many (If any) for men.

I did, however, come across and interesting article.

"The End of Men"
The article states that woman now lead in men in the workplace. Men have become the minority. Pretty much made me feel bad for being a guy

"Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women too. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same."

Is it possible that society (at least in the US) has reached a point in which MEN now need the empowerment? I'm all for woman empowerment as a means to reach equality between men and women, but are we at a point in which we now need to focus on the male?

I let this idea simmer on the back of my head and brought it up with some friends. One even said:

"well that sounds sexist. Making a program that empowers only a man. Do you know about the glass ceiling?"

I didn't bother bringing up the article I had read. Just nodded politely


Returning to the subject of LATINA empowerment. I recently saw that LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) was hosting an event called BlogHer designed to empower women in social media and give "blogueras" a chance to rise up. I'm hoping now to maybe get the idea through to create one for males aswell

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
9:41 pm
Chump Mugs + Trip Overview
 Well I got my fraternity "Chump Mugs."
Chump Mugs: You dress all nice in a suit and smile like your a yuppie buisnessman....even though you have no job. :P

Meh....I'm all photoshopped, They even took out my moles. I'm not hating, however, I got them all for free. :D
I might use them sometime in the future.



I laughed when found out that Obama stated not to travel to México, specifically the state of Michoacán and Chihuahua.

Well, I just came back from Mexico.....the state of Michoacán.

Its bad.....OH ITS BAD. BUT, there are also safe good places. Stay in big cities and go out during the day, then you'll be ok. But at night, all laws go out the window...especially if you live in the countryside (which my grandma does....oh boy)

I hate where she lives, in el Valle de Apatzingan. Its a small pueblo with random mansion and hummers....yeah (and you can imagine how they got that money.) We have to cross (not 1, not 2) 3 military checkpoints and it still doesn't feel safe. I mean Jesus Christ I saw more assault rifles than a game of Grand Theft Auto.

The big cities, however, were/are amazing! You feel comfortable, life goes on without a care...people fill the street. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS AWESOME! 5 pesos (40 cents) for a MercedesBenz bus that can take you across town. Yeah, I was surprised by the amount of money some cities have. But I guess that's Mexico....poor people living in rich cities (damn politics.)

I was a little pissed off at the amount of Spanish colors I saw. I understand that it used to be a Spanish colony and they want to preserve their 600+ old spanish buildings, but......ITS MEXICO! The city I was born in, Morelia, Michoacán is notorious for having spanish colors. It is said that Morelia is the most spanish-like city in Mexico. The whole city was built by spanish conquistador (it wasn't an indigenous city, like Mexico City) and was called Valladolid. The city has tons of aqueducts and castle-like buildings plus baroque churches (like 20 of them in a city.) Originally (as in back in 1541) it was inhabited by 50 spanish noble families served by aztec indians, the spanish viceroyalty even gave Morelia its own Coat of Arms and Spanish Flag. After Mexico became a country, the name was changed to Morelia, named after Jose Maria Morelos, the most baddassest Michoacano ever (fought for freedom, liberty and rights.)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MORELIA. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the people (BTW, people from Morelia are called Vallesoletanos referring to the previous name of the city.) But like I said....I saw too much red and yellow, even the colors of the soccer teams are spanish (VIVA MORELIA, WE HAVEN'T LOST A GAME YET! NUMBER 1 TEAM IN MÉXICO RIGHT NOW. WOOOOO!)

Here are some weird things I noticed about my hometown in the US and my hometown in México.

-The mayor of Morelia is named Vallejo
-The highway that crosses my house in the US is Highway 37, the highway that crosses my grandma's house in México (where I was raised) is also Highway 37
-Vallejo just went bankrupt and Antúnez (the pueblo my grandma lives in)....is always poor (well ok, thats not that weird)

Going to Michoán hasn't discouraged me to not live in México....it just reassured my that I shouldn't live in Michoacán. :P

Here is the Morelia Coat of Arms:

PS. I wear the Morelia Colors only because its the soccer team....I still think the colors should be green and red.

Current Mood: My leg hurts...
Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
11:27 am
I think I know what I want to do...
 I never really had anything that I was really happy about doing. Music was to stressful to balance out the fun I had. Poli Sci was too over my head sometimes for me to follow along. 

I really liked, however, helping out hispanic. I get this great satisfaction from doing so. Maybe find a career in which I get to help out latinos or hispanics, give them the wonderful opportunities I got? That would be a pretty awesome job.

Anyway, Gloria and I started this one blog.

El Ojo de México. We usually just blog about our point of view on politics and culture. 


Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
9:51 pm
 Well school is pretty ridiculous.

Im tired of everything!

Im just going to vent my problems here....(even if they don't make sense)

-Back tire of bike is bent (useless bike)
-My car is without oil pan (useless car)
-I have to play stupid "Soldier's Tale" by Stravinsky tomorrow and I haven't practiced it.
-I just finished a 12 page paper, to find out another 2 (TWO) more are due by next friday.
-I have to pay rent by the tenth and I have no money....really.
-I have 2 orchestra concerts next week
-Finals week begin next week
-I have no food in my fridge or house.....
-I haven't even begun practicing music for my recital
-I have to sign up for classes for next quarter

I'm so tired of always being in a hurry. I've honestly never felt this tired in my life. Every time I enter my room, my bed looks so enticing....I just want to sleep for like 2 days and wake up fully rested with everything better.

Current Mood: stressed
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
4:17 pm
So what is Mexico like?


Well, for me, coming to Mexico is a little weird. I’ve lived in the US most of my life and I’ve grown accustomed to being a “minority.” I’m used to being “the token Mexican guy.” I’m cool with it. Coming to Mexico sort of throws out all those feelings. I’m no longer a minority; my people are everywhere. It feels weird because everything I see and do and breathe and feel is Mexican. The minority here are Asian people (yes, there are Asian people in Mexico) and this is completely different compared to UC Irvine. It feels good.

First off, modern Mexican society really isn’t that different than the US. The government structure is very similar (Three branches of government, with the Legislative branch split into 2 houses), the cars that we buy are very similar (Actually, there are more choices of cars in Mexico because the government has less strict safety laws) and finally the amount of freedom Mexicans experience is similar to that of the Americans.

Mind you, however, there are some really surprising aspects of society.

The Middle Class in Mexico is comparable to the Lower Class in the U.S. and the Upper class is comparable to the Middle Class. So when I first saw my girlfriend’s house, I was kind of shocked. The house was closed off with no front yard or backyard; the kitchen is the same size as the bathrooms in AV (Where I live). The rooms are almost half the size of my room. The ceiling is covered with water stains and there is no heater or A/C. The entire bathroom is the size of the handicap toilet stall in AV.  The upper class, however, looks like my uncle’s house in the Bay Area. I don’t even want to think of the poor lower class.

Laws aren’t really enforced here. It feels a little like anarchy. The police can’t be trusted and one can’t rely one either the state or federal government. Your on your own.

So all these horrible things about Mexico…. is there anything good?

Well for starters, you don’t have to worry about money if you break a leg or need emergency medical service. In the US, if you break a leg and call an ambulance, then you’re probably looking at over $2K in expenses ranging from physical therapy, to paying the ambulance, the materials for the cast, and all the stupid hospitals fees. Here, you break a leg and call an ambulance; the total amount you might spend is $100.00 pesos, which is roughly $12 dollars. YEAH! They have universal healthcare by default, haha nobody has to pay because they understand that nobody CAN pay.

This also leads into another great aspect about Mexico; the U.S. dollar is worth a lot in Mexico. A pack of tortillas in the U.S. is worth like $3 or $4 dollars. In Mexico a pack of tortillas is worth $12 pesos, which is $0.92 cents. That means you can buy about 4 packs of tortillas in Mexico with the same amount of money you spent in the U.S. Pretty cool! This means that I can buy like 4 bassoon reeds in Mexico for the price of one reed in the U.S.! ….now, to find a place where they sell bassoon reeds in Mexico.

Ill post some photos later….I still have a week here.


Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
7:02 pm
Time for Change..and I don't mean Obama
People are afraid of change. People are afraid of things different than their own. This has been the story of human history. Every war which has been fought, every political debate that has been controversial can all be traced back to my theory. The most beautiful thing about our world also causes problems for us. I am talking about diversity. We see diversity everywhere, from our work place to our school, in our neighborhoods and in the media. We are so lucky to have such a diverse world. But this diverse world creates humans with opposing views. Those opposing views create problems and war. There will always be people willing to change the world but there will also be people afraid to change the world. 
Think of any war, for example. Let’s use the Civil War, The south did not want to accept black people as regular humans and wanted them to continue being slaves. They did not want to change the status of black people because they were afraid that it would cause a change in the way they lived their lives. The north was willing for the change, perhaps they may have not been ready for it, but they were, at least, willing to change. Add some guns and anger to this problem and we have a war.
 Let’s take another problem, like the environment. We have to stop using gasoline to run our vehicles, and that is the bottom line. We have just begun to use other methods of powering vehicles. Such as Chevrolet’s Flex Fuel vehicles that run on Ethanol (which is basically corn) and we also have Toyota’s powerful hybrid led by the popular Toyota Prius. But what’s the issue at hand? Why can’t we just stop using gasoline? We have the ability to do so. The reason is change. People are afraid their way of life will drastically change. They will no longer be able to run their beloved 1969 Mustang or their mean-looking 4x4 truck. What will happen to sporting events that rely solely on gasoline such as motocross and nascar? I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to change those sports in order for us to keep our world and our lives healthy and happy.
 Let’s talk about an issue more relevant to states that border Mexico. What is the big deal with illegal immigrants? “They come and take our money, our welfare our jobs….etc.” My answer to that is: SO? Is it directly affecting those American citizens who complain? No.  If all the illegal immigrants leave will you have to pay fewer taxes? No. Will you take the jobs they are taking? No. And, to be quite honest, Americans took the land from Mexico plus they are indigenous to this continent. The problem is this: Illegal immigrants—and regular immigrants, for that matter—are coming into the U.S. at a surprisingly fast rate. They come into the U.S. with their culture and religion, changing cities and even states. The people living in those states do not welcome the change because it will threaten their way of life. They are afraid that change will be bad and therefore they don’t accept it.
Think about it. Use any example. All wars have been fought because people don’t want to accept change or something different. My advice is to change with the world. How boring would it be if we were all the same color and we were all the same culture? If the Chinese didn’t have buildings with cool, curvy roofs or if the Aztecs didn’t have those tall stone pyramids. How boring. We are blessed with diversity and with a changing world. We, as humans, must change with the world in order for us to advance and live happily. We must accept views, ideas, lifestyles, food, culture, race, ethnicity different than ours. We must accept it. Change is inevitable, let’s be part of the change instead of preventing and being afraid of change. It’s time.

You know, I could be wrong. Perhaps my ideas are crazy, I don't know. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Monday, September 1st, 2008
10:15 am
So now I have a different car.....

You all know remember my first car and my second car, right? Well now im on my third car.

Every car I seem to get keeps on getting older and older. My first car was 10 years old, then my second car was 19 years old and now my third car is 40 years old.

Anyway, I have a:

1969 Ford Mustang Grande
A/C, Heater, AM stereo, leather
V8 302-2V Engine

I wrote a whole story on my new car and I have tons of photos on my website:


just click on "My Ride"

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
10:46 pm
So I got a job.....
 Well, Carlos Almendarez got me a job.

Carlos is amazing. (This statement deserves its own line)

I got a job working as an after school "program leader" (according to my coordinator). I will be working at Alvarado Elementary School in San Francisco. This job is no joke. I went through a background check plus fingerprinting and I even got my own little name tag. 

This job seems really fun, I can't wait to start and work with the kids. This seems like a job I would like to wake up and do every day, a job I am proud of. too bad it's only temporary.

I am working in an after school program related to San Francisco Unified District.

I don't even know how much I will get paid but it doesn't matter. I am really enjoying being with the people. Shoot, I would do this for free....maybe.

Anyway...later much

Current Mood: happy
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